Happy Planner Freebie - Harry Potter Dot Grid Insert

Are you guys ready? I am about to get all NERD on you.

A HUGE part of getting healthy is planning. Being proactive in planning meals ahead of time, meal prepping, and scheduling gym time is huge!

To stay organized with the everything, work, home, kids, businesses, and my fitness journey I use a Happy Planner. What? A paper planner? Yes... a paper planner. It has changed my life.

I have used electronic calendars in the past. Well, attempted to use them. I was never consistent. I hadn't used a paper planner since high school, BUT thought hey I will give it a try. I LOVE it...

For the most part I LOVE my Happy Planner. The only issue I was having was that my to-do list can be miles long, and I didn't like the clutter it caused in my Happy Planner.

Another thing that contributed to my Happy Planner woes was my habit tracking. I track habits. Lots of habits. The same ones over and over again. Writing them down everyday made my happy planner look like my pen puked all over it. No likey. That is the OCD in me coming out.

My solution? A marriage between my Happy Planner and a bullet journal.

I love bullet journals. I think they are pretty, and fun. I love that you can customize them to make them work for you. So why not just keep a bullet journal?

Well, I need the future planning functionality of the Happy Planner, more than a year in advance. (Mostly in the process of assisting my Disney clients.) I also like the fact that I don't have to set-up monthly calendars and weekly spreads! It is already done for me in my Happy Planner.

Can you see my dilemma?

SOOOOO... I made an insert. A dot grid insert that I place in between the two sides of my weekly Happy Planner spread.

They are Harry Potter themed because well I LOVE Harry Potter. Plus, they look great with my Harry Potter Daily Insert. You can find it here.

I make a monthly habit tracker and then start right in with my daily spreads. This is where I add my sometimes long to-do lists. Score!

I have achieved planner peace! Yay!

If you want to try and give a Happy Planner bujo a try, here are my Harry Potter themed dot grid inserts!

...because Harry Potter is forever!

AND...because we ALL need to manage a little mischief!

Please note... You will need a .PDF Reader - you can get one here for FREE.

This insert is designed to print on a full "8.5by11" sheet of paper and then TRIMMED TO FIT your planner.

Make sure to print them in "actual size" so they fit perfectly in your planner! After printing, you will simply need to trim down the excess on the sides so that it measures to The Happy Planner size of 7" x 9.25".

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  1. Love anything and everything Harry Potter... so anything you create that is Harry Potter themed and helps me stay organized is greatly appreciated! Love these!

  2. Great insight, thanks for sharing!

  3. Thank you for this! Just wanted to let you know the links are to the opposite page you are sharing up above. Not that it really mattered, I love both!

    1. Oh man! Thanks for telling me! You are so welcome! Thanks for stopping by. :)

  4. Thanks so much... I did a little moving to make this printable on the back of todays plan. I couldn't figure out how to just copy it onto the back side without messing with it. <3 now to find some antique white copy paper to print on now that I've got a couple down... lol <3 Your amazing

    1. On the back of the harry potter todays plan... lol <3

    2. Heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!! Oh I am so glad. When I printed it back to back it worked? :( Glad you figured it out! :) And thank you!! I am so happy so many are getting a use out of it.


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