5 Thoughts Friday 6-2-2016

Weeding. I actually LOVE weeding. Had I known I would have felt like a character from Animal Crossing planting a garden, I would have started gardening eons ago! I must pick ALL the WEEDS! It's the little things right?

June was NOT a good month for my weight loss journey. I made a new insert for my Happy Planner. So far so good. Let's hope it helps keep me focused. I will be posting it as a FREEBIE on Monday for those who would like to try it out with me!

The wedding I am shooting on Saturday will have Star Wars elements mixed in its decor! Say what? I AM SO EXCITED. Man, had I worked harder, I could have worn my PEW PEW shirt. Of course I would have to dress it up, but urg, I am sad to say it still doesn't fit. MOTIVATION! I need to get into gear just in case I shoot another Star Wars themed wedding... someday. It could happen right?

Is it crazy that the idea of this little plant dying breaks my heart? I was really hoping for zero plant deaths this summer. I don't think that is going to happen. Poor plant...

Instant Pot update. In case you were wondering. I LOVE MY INSTANT POT. Spicy pinto beans in 40 minutes? Yes please! I even started with dry, unsoaked beans! Best part? You turn it on and walk away. Bam! GAME CHANGER... I will post the recipe here in the near future.

Happy weekend!

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