May Recap and June Goals

A new month has started and I am no closer to my goals. Wait for it.... wait for it....  I lost 0 pounds in the month of May. I was extra awesome (NOT awesome) and even GAINED 2.6 more!

I didn't want to write this post today and to be 100% honest, I wanted to fib. I wanted to write that I lost 4 pounds and work EXTRA hard in June to not only lose those 4 fibtastic pounds plus 4 more. I couldn't lie though. (I am not good at it.) I won't. What would that accomplish? I've spent far too long lying to myself.

I just really didn't want to admit that I had another unsuccessful month. I am disappointed in myself and a little embarrassed that everyone now knows. (Thank you blog... just kidding!)

BUT... it is a new month. I am the keeper of my body and need to take responsibility for my actions and lack of action.

There are only 99 days until our next Disney vacation! I am so excited that we are finally in the double digits of our Disney count down, BUT I am also sad that I might not hit my pre-trip goal.

So what happened? The same thing that happened in April...lack of consistency. I did well for a few days and then just stopped. My May habit tracker is definitely an indication of my inconsistency issues. I guess I thought there were only 5 days in the month of May? Gah...

I didn't make my fitness journey a priority and it needs to be. I will be designing a fitness insert for my Happy Planner. It needs to be more detailed then the above monthly tracker. 

Goal for June? Fill out my fitness insert every day. Hopefully it will help me get over this two month slump.

How do you keep yourself accountable in your weight loss goals? I will take any tips anyone has to offer. I obviously need them.

Keep trekking... I'm going to.


  1. I know you're younger than I am, so you've so got age on your side for being able to meet your goals. In my younger years I kept a notebook out every day along with my book on foods and the amount of calories I was consuming, as well as how many minutes I worked out each day (now you can just google whatever you eat and get a calorie count). I did a reverse type BMI and typed in my height, age, and weight I wanted to be so that I would know how many calories were required to maintain that goal weight. Each day, I made sure I consumed no less than 1200 calories, as this can hurt you rather than help you, and kept track of what I ate so that I would not exceed that caloric intake of my goal weight. It was hard at first as I had to be prepared for what the larger dinner calorie count might be. I did get used to it and having that book out to keep track of everything I ate or drank kept me accountable. I did not stop and I hit my goal size rather than my goal weight by keeping track of both calorie consumption and average calories burned from time spent exercising. I tried also to not eat too much extra just because of calories burned. Keeping track of everything in this way made me more aware of what I was actually consuming and expending. Also, I did not weigh myself daily. I have a tendency to weigh more than people who are the same size as me. Once every two weeks I would check, but the best measurement of progress was how my clothes fit. That's one thing that I'd advise. Maybe take measurements rather than weighing yourself. In the beginning, as you gain muscle, you're not going to see the scale drop right away. You may however see a change in measurements. That is the true way to avoid scale guilt and know you're making progress. I hope that helps some. Wishing you the best of luck in finding what works for you.

    1. Thank you so much for the tips and motivation. I often wonder if the scale is making things worse for me. I am a little crazy and some weeks weigh EVERYDAY. I know I know.... that is SOOOOOO bad! Maybe I will start taking measurements monthly instead of quarterly. Thank you so much for taking the time to write me! Happy weekend lady!

  2. Hello! I just (yesterday!) discovered bullet journaling and your lovely blog. I lost 40 pounds 2 years ago and have kept it off. My number one key to accountability is stepping on the scale Every. Single. Day. I know everyone tells you not to, but I want to know if I'm up one or two pounds. I don't want to wait a week and discover that I'm up three or four or five. I can handle getting rid of a couple of pounds that have crept back on, but 5 makes me want a Krispy Kreme. Hope that helps. Good luck with your goals. :)

    1. Lisa!! I'm with you sista! I kinda like stepping on the scale everyday, even if it makes me a little neurotic sometimes! lol congrats on your weight loss and maintenance! That's amazing!!


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