The Plant Pied Piper

It has been one month since we planted our garden AND I haven't killed everything! In fact, it is thriving! I am so excited.

When we got back from vacation Saturday I ran to see how it was doing and with all the rain we got last week the garden exploded! (Note to self... we NEED a rain barrel!)

Now, I can't take 100% of the credit for the status of the garden right now. My mother-in-law graciously watched our doggies and tended to my garden while we were gone.

Now, a little background. She is an AWESOME gardener. She hasn't planted a garden in a long time, BUT she still has the magic touch and I will now call her the plant whisperer. Better yet, she is the plant pied piper! I envision her sitting out there playing her magical pipe, entrancing them to grow, grow, grow. Too much? Nah!

She can come over anytime!

Here is my garden! Doesn't it look awesome? Please disregard the random hose. I need to buy one of those hose holders. (Is that what they are called? Eh...)

A little closer! A lovely sea of green!

I have peppers!

andddd..... itty bitty baby tomatoes!

Oh and one last thing... I harvested my very first crop! Look at my radish! I can call myself a gardener now! Yay!

Let's hope this momentum continues!

Happy gardening!


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