Lechtturm1917/Happy Planner Hybrid


If you have followed my blog a tiny bit you might have noticed that I love Harry Potter AND planners. (and well Disney...)

I love bullet journaling, BUT I am not as fond of it's future planning capabilities. This is why I use BOTH a Happy Planner and Lechtturm1917.

You can see how I inserted a Lechtturm1917 into my Happy Planner here.

I took this idea one step further and disc bound a Lechtturm1917. I added monthly spreads similar to what is found in a Happy Planner! I LOVE the way it turned out.

I made this one for my daughter as a birthday gift. She should consider herself very lucky though, I really wanted to keep it for myself! I will however be making one for myself VERY soon!

I first bought a dotted Lechtturm1917 off of Amazon.

I found some really awesome Harry Potter graphics on Pinterest for the front and back covers. I used Photoshop to make a collage for the front cover. Both front and back covers are sized to fit the Lechtturm1917, 5.75 by 8.25 inches.

I added pictures from a Harry Potter themed photo session to the inside front and back covers. I shot of my daughter the previous year. I really liked that small personal touch and she did too!

I used a single hole punch and scissors for the holes. There was no way my Happy Planner punch was going to get thru 10 mil lamination AND those thick photos. In fact, I almost killed my hole punch and hand getting thru the thickness!

Inside Front Cover
Inside Back Cover

I divided 2017 into quarters. Each Hogwarts house represents a quarter.

January - March

April - June

July - September

October - December

I designed monthly spreads to match the Harry Potter theme. These are exactly like the ones found in a Happy Planner, BUT sized to fit the Lechtturm1917.

These monthly spreads are my solution to the future planning qualms that I have with bullet journaling. By having 12 months of pre-made monthly spreads you aren't writing things twice. If you have something to plan 3 months from now, you can write it down on the monthly spread and be done. No transferring of dates.

The monthly spreads, except for the current month, will all, at first, live behind ALL of the dotted Lechtturm1917 sheets. As you plan your months, you will move the current month spread to the section of the Lechtturm1917 you are currently working in. Your weekly and daily spreads (and anything else you created that month - lists, etc.) will then fall behind your monthly pre-made spread! It is the Lechtturm1917/Happy Planner hybrid of my dreams.

You could take this one step forward and created weekly Happy Planner style spreads and insert them, (I did for the one I am making for myself.) BUT I didn't for my daughter because I know she likes to create her own bullet journal style weekly spreads.

There you have it, a Harry Potter themed Lechtturm1917/Happy Planner hybrid! Let me know what you think.


Happy Planner Freebie - Disney Planning Insert - Epcot

I can say that I am going to DISNEY this month! YAY!

By 29 days before your Disney vacation you probably have planned (well before 30 days for most) all the big aspects of your Disney vacation. You have selected your resort, park tickets, meal plan, made fastpass+ selections AND procured your dining reservations. You have even picked out your magic band colors and started your packing list.

Now what?

Itinerary planning! The day to day glorious details. Gah! Why or why do I have to plan EVERY stinkin' detail of my Disney vacation? I just want to go and have a blast with my family. I hear ya. I really do, BUT a little planning really does go a LONG way. You can turn your AWESOME family vacation into an EPIC family vacation with just a little prep!

TIPS. I have tons of tips. Oh, and by the way, I love to share tips. Can you tell? Are you ready to hear some?

5 Things to Consider When 
Disney Park Itinerary Planning

1. Everyone's must-do list. We all know Disney has something for everyone and let's face it, you probably will NOT have time to do everything. Eliminating attractions that aren't as popular in your group will save precious park time!
2. Extra Magic Hours. You have to decide if you will be partaking in this amazing Disney resort guest perk. For those who are not sure what they are, Extra Magic Hours are extended park hours where ONLY guests of on-site Disney resorts have access to the parks. Typically they are for an hour before the park opens and for 1 to 2 hours after the park closes.
Now, this tip is more for people who opted for base tickets, one park per day. If you have base tickets and DON'T plan on utilizing Extra Magic Hours AVOID that park for the day. 
This is why. If you have base tickets you can't park jump. You are bound to ONE park for the WHOLE day. Extra Magic Hours are an AWESOME perk BUT if you can't get there early enough in the morning because you have been blessed with children who sleep in (Poor you! HA!) OR can't partake in evening Extra Magic Hours because your kids won't make it that late, don't bind yourself to that park! The park with Extra Magic Hours will more than likely to be experiencing higher crowd levels because of Extra Magic Hours AND other base ticket guests who are also bound to one park.
3Crowd levels. There are a ton of websites out there that will give you projected Disney park crowd levels, OR ask your Disney Vacation Specialist, AHEM, ME. Itinerary planning around crowd levels is another great way to save park time.
4. Being Flexible. Even with pre-vacation prep and an awesome itinerary made, it is good to remember to be flexible. Have a plan, BUT be ok with deviating from said plan. Maybe you didn't anticipate your kids wanting (or even sitting still long enough) to watch the 3 o'clock parade but in passing are enthralled. Stop and enjoy the parade!
5. Expectations. It is important to keep expectations in check while at Disney. You might have the perfect Itinerary BUT we all know itinerary planning doesn't always go as planned. That's ok! Regardless, you are still on vacation with your favorite people in the happiest place on earth. Winning!

Now.. planner babes and dudes... Are you ready for a FREEBIE? (Besides my Disney planning services? Yes, yes a selfless promo!)

When Disney vacation itinerary planning I use my trusty planner. I mean let's face it, when don't I use my planner? I created inserts for each of the four Disney theme parks! I know. I know. I am a nerd. 


Since the first park we are visiting on this trip is EPCOT, I thought I would share my Disney Planning Insert - EPCOT.  I use the insert along with the MyDisneyExperience app on my phone. It comes in handy while I am reading blogs or scouring Pinterest for tips and/or ideas.

This page is great for notes!

Happy Disney Planning! (..and contact me if you would like additional help! My services are free.)

Please note... You will need a .PDF Reader - you can get one here for FREE.

This insert is designed to print on a full "8.5by11" sheet of paper and then TRIMMED TO FIT your planner.

Make sure to print them in "actual size" so they fit perfectly in your planner! After printing, you will simply need to trim down the excess on the sides so that it measures to The Happy Planner size of 7" x 9.25".

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